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  • Medical tourism in the US

    Traveling to the USA for egg donation

    Which aspects should I bear in mind in case I wish to travel to the USA for a fertility treatment using donor eggs and sperm? ...

  • Conventional IVF or ICSI

    Legal donor egg treatments in the USA

    US legislation allows both conventional IVF and ICSi using donor eggs. Moreover, PGD and surrogacy are addressed as additional techniques in the regulations governing this field in the majority of U. ...

  • States of the US

    Egg donation programs across the USA

    Which are the top US destinations for undergoing fertility treatments and egg or sperm donation? ...

  • Egg and sperm donation

    Fertility treatments using donor sperm or eggs in the USA

    Egg and sperm donation allows many people and couples to be on parenthood. In the United States, gamete donation is allowed either with an anonymous donor or, conversely, with a known one. Besides, it...

  • Artificial insemination by donor (AID)

    Donor insemination cost in the USA

    Given that artificial insemination has a low level of complexity, generally its cost is not very expensive. However, in cases where donor sperm is necessary, the price of AI will increase depending th...

  • Selection of healthy embryos by per genotyping test

    Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)

    Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) can stop being inherited thanks to a new assisted reproductive technique known as "quick" genotyping of embryos. ...

  • Seminal quality


    Cryptozoospermia or cryptospermia is a sperm pathology that may lead to male infertility and is characterized by a low sperm quantity. Actually, it causes the same symptoms as oligozoospermia, but mor...

  • AI technique

    Artificial insemination (AI)

    Artificial Insemination (AI) is one of the easiest assisted reproductive technologies, since it is the most similar to natural conception. This technique is applied to patients who present a favorable...

  • Frozen semen

    Sperm freezing

    It is the procedure whereby male fertility must be preserved. The semen sample is frozen in pills and kept in banks of liquid nitrogen with an unlimited time of preservation. ...

  • Preservation technique of women's fertility

    Egg vitrification technique

    Vitrification consists of quickly reducing the temperature to which an oocyte is exposed to -196 °C. The procedure takes place in liquid nitrogen and cryopreservants, which avoid the breaking of the ...

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