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  • Pregnancy through donor-egg IVF

    Having a baby through egg donation: early pregnancy signs

    The symptoms of a donor-egg pregnancy do not differ from those of a natural pregnancy. Very early symptoms are caused by the beta-hCG hormone. ...

  • Fertility tourism or reproductive tourism

    IVF abroad: benefits and top destinations

    International reproductive tourism is a type of medical tourism that allows people to cross borders in the pursuit of an IVF treatment abroad. ...

  • What is the process of sperm donation?

    What is sperm donation?

    The sperm donation process can be done at a fertility clinic or sperm bank. It can be used for IUI, or at-home artificial insemination or, less commonly, IVF. ...

  • IVF using frozen donor eggs vs fresh

    Frozen donor eggs vs fresh donor eggs

    The main difference between frozen donor-egg cycles and fresh cycles is related to the process and the cost. Success rates with frozen eggs are almost the same. ...

  • When to use donor eggs

    Having a baby through egg donation

    Egg donation is a fertility procedure by which a woman donates her oocytes. ...

  • What is the cost of donor-egg IVF?

    How much does egg donation cost?

    The price of female egg donation and the monetary compensation given to egg donors, vary from country to country. Most destination countries are located in Europe. ...

  • Having a baby with donor sperm

    Sperm donation in Croatia

    In Croatia, only heterosexual couples can turn to assisted reproductive technology with donor sperm, as long as the patient's own eggs are used. ...

  • Sperm donation in Denmark

    Sperm donation in Denmark

    Denmark is a key destination for undergoing sperm donation abroad. It is the host country for one of the world's largest sperm banks. ...

  • IUI with donor sperm

    Donor insemination cost in Cyprus

    In Cyprus, the cost of artificial insemination by donor is around €1,500. The fact that this fertility treatment is less complex makes it cheaper than IVF. ...

  • Cross-border reproductive care in Moscow

    Egg and sperm donation programs across Russia

    Many tourists choose Russia as their destination for undergoing a fertility treatment to have a baby. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the favorite cities. ...

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