What will you find at the Fair?

inviTRA is the first large assisted reproduction trade fair for patients in Spain. The best national and international clinics will participate in this event.

Exhibitors will have the chance to directly address patients through the seminars that will take place in two halls especially prepared for this purpose.

All visitors will receive a magazine when they enter. It includes a map of the trade fair, list of exhibitors, programmes of the talks, articles and testimonials.


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Fetal development

7 weeks pregnant

It’s the third week of the second month of pregnancy. The embryo grows rapidly, even though you may still need to wait some weeks to notice some of its movements.

Hypothalamus amenorrhea


Amenorrhea is the absence of period. It is considered amenorrhea whan a woman of childbearing age hasn’t has her period since three months; to diagnose it, blood analysis and ultrasound are carried out.

Alterations in amniotic fluid. Hydramnios

Alterations of the amniotic fluid

The amniotic fluid is in charge of surrounding and protecting the baby during pregnancy, the volume changes throughout the process, but problems may exist because of an excess amount or by fault.

About us?

Reproducción Asistida.ORG is the leading online magazine in the Spanish sector. It was founded in November 2007 for the purpose of simply, yet rigorously, applying assisted reproduction techniques so that everyone can understand what they consist in.

Nowadays, it has more than 1,500,000 monthly printings, with some 630,000 individual users each month.

People from Reproducción Asistida.ORG are the one organized inviTRA 2013, the first fertility fair in Spain.