Can egg donation cause infertility?

  1.  caroline35

    Hello! Last week I accompanied a friend to her egg donor orientation meeting and the truth is I found it so interesting that now I’m considering becoming an egg donor, too. The funny thing about it is that my friend, who firstly was the one wishing to become a donor, has decided not to become an egg donor finally because she’s just found out that the medications that every donor must take are injected, and she’s has a kind of needle phobia or fear of shots… Conversely, needles do not pose a huge fear for me, and knowing that I can help others by donating my eggs plus getting money for that is quite attractive for me to be honest…why wouldn’t I do it? The only question that remains unanswered is the following: does egg donation affect future fertility? I mean, can you become infertile from egg donation? Please, let me know or else I won’t do this 🙁

    October 27, 2015 at 4:02 pm
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  2. Sandra F. Sandra F.
    inviTRA's Moderator

    Dear caroline35,

    The only possible answer to your question is NO; there is no link between the process of controlled ovarian stimulation (COS), egg retrieval (follicular puncture) and a diminished ovarian reserve. This means that neither of these processes may necessarily affect your menstrual cycles nor your ovarian reserve (egg production).

    Hope I have clarified your concern,

    Best wishes

    October 28, 2015 at 4:10 pm
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