Devastated after not being accepted as an egg donor

  1.  lily williams

    Hello, 3 months ago I applied to become a donor here in NYC and yesterday I received the news that I’ve been rejected… My clinic just didn’t tell me why, just the fact that they were super sorry but I don’t meet their requirements. I think I deserve an explanation… Does it mean I’m infertile? I’m 22 so I just very much excited as I thought I was gonna be accepted undoubtedly…

    June 22, 2016 at 6:20 pm
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  2. Sandra F. Sandra F.
    inviTRA's Moderator

    Dear lily,

    I’m sorry for you, it is natural that you feel kind of rejected after not being chosen as an egg donor. Sometimes, clinics made such decision in order to protect the candidate from medical harm. In other cases, the reason behind it just because the right match hasn’t been found.

    Many clinics in the United States choose not to tell candidates the reason in order to prevent prospective donors from dwelling on the reason why they weren’t accepted. This is the reason why some programs prefer not to provide this information.

    All women applying to become egg donors are advised to get as much info as possible about the policy the clinic where they are applying has. That’s the only way to feel comfortable from beginning to end, including your situation.

    Hope this helps,

    All the best

    June 23, 2016 at 4:57 pm
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