First IUI treatment with donor sperm: how many attempts to get a BFP?

  1.  emma L

    Hi there! My husband and I were experiencing trouble conceiving, and after a series of fertility tests, my husband’s sperm was qualified as poor quality sperm, so he has azoospermia but I’m healthy in terms of female fertility: my ovarian reserve show normal values, perfect fallopian tubes, healthy womb… Firstly, we went for IVF/ICSI with a tissue sample obtained through testicular biopsy. First attempt lead to failure, so we tried a 2nd time, with no luck again. We are now making the arrangements for a 3rd attempt, but this time with IUI with donor sperm instead of IVF. Do you think we could achieve pregnancy this time, given that I’m using donor sperm?

    January 11, 2016 at 11:23 am
  2. Sandra F.Sandra F.
    inviTRA's Moderator

    Dear emma L,

    the quality of a semen sample collected from a sperm donor is usually high, since it has been delivered from a young, healthy man, without any genetic disorder or severe sperm pathologies.

    If your body does not show signs of female infertility and high quality sperm is used, the most probable is that you get a successful outcome, that is, pregnancy. However, the only possible way to find is out is by doing it.

    For an IUI to be successful, at least the following requirements should be met:

    • – Tubal patency
    • – Regular menstrual periods
    • – Normal ovarian reserve
    • – High quality sperm, particularly in terms of sperm concentration and sperm quality
    • – Absence of uterine malformations

    I wish you all the best and you know… Third time lucky!


    February 9, 2016 at 6:17 pm
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