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Love, sex, and infertility

Love and sex when infertility exists

When a couple has fertility problems, new feelings and tensions that might worsen the relationship arise. These feelings are not helpful when a couple is trying to conceive. We will give you some tips to prevent this from happening.

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Ovarian reserve test

Ovarian reserve results

There are several tests able to analyze a woman’s ovarian reserve, her response to stimulation and her possibilities of getting pregnant.

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Assisted reproduction clinics in Spain

A stricter control of the assisted reproduction clinics is applied in Spain

Spain is one of the countries where more assisted reproductive treatments are carried out. 16,000 children are born every year thanks to this kind of techniques. Patients must know which clinics meet the minimum requirements. That’s why the Spanish association for the study of reproductive biology (Asebir) is vital when it comes to creating a […]

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