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Barcelona IVF

Edificio Planetario Barcelona IVF

Barcelona IVF is a medical centre specialized in ART which is composed of a fully professional team. Their aim is to offer the maximum quality to its patients when it comes to dealing with fertility problems.

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ReproFiv. fertility clinic

Reprofiv is a fertility clinic providing complete and high-quality services in the field of reproductive medicine. The clinic was founded with the aim of providing infertile couples with the best solutions in order to achieving parenthood. Made up of an expert and multidisciplinary medical team, equipped with the most advanced technologies, Reprofiv performs all assisted […]

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Sperm vitality test

Necrospermia is a male fertility problem characterized by the presence of dead sperm in the ejaculate. Necrospermic men, however, are able to have biological offspring thanks to assisted reproductive technologies.

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FIV Recoletos

FIV Recoletos outside view

FIV Recoletos is a network of fertility centers founded in Spain. One of its assisted reproduction clinics is located at Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha. Here you will find state-of-the-art technology and the latest assisted reproductive techniques.

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Tubal ligation and pregnancy

Pregnancy after tubal ligation

Tubal ligation is a permanent contraceptive method. Therefore, women wishing to undergo this intervention are recommended to be completely sure that they do not want to have more children.

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Juaneda Fertility Center

Fertility Center Mallorca

Juaneda Fertility Centers belongs to the Juaneda welfare network, the first professional network of hospitals founded in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. Here you will find professionalism, accuracy, and reliability thanks to its professional team.

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Spermatozoa selection

Improving the spermatic selection

It’s necessary to carry out a spermatozoa selection before using them for any assited reproduction treatment, so that only those with high likelihood of fertilising the egg are used.

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Reflexotherapy and infertility

Appropriate therapist

Reflexotherapy is a technique that consists in the application of pressure in several reflex areas and has several advantages when it comes to reproduction and achieving pregnancy.

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Indications for ICSI

Poor quality of sperm

ICSI is an assisted reproductive technique indicated in multiple cases to overcome infertility problems. This technique’s efficiency has been proved even in most severe infertility cases in which pregnancy has finally occurred.

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