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ReproFiv. fertility clinic

Reprofiv is a fertility clinic providing complete and high-quality services in the field of reproductive medicine. The clinic was founded with the aim of providing infertile couples with the best solutions in order to achieving parenthood. Made up of an expert and multidisciplinary medical team, equipped with the most advanced technologies, Reprofiv performs all assisted […]

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Guide to donor conception

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

Gamete donation (eggs and sperm) refers to a type of fertility treatment in which the patient receives donor eggs and/or sperm from someone whom has decided to become a gamete donor. The sole purpose of the whole process is achieving pregnancy and giving birth to a child.

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Sperm vitality test

Necrospermia is a male fertility problem characterized by the presence of dead sperm in the ejaculate. Necrospermic men, however, are able to have biological offspring thanks to assisted reproductive technologies.

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FIV Recoletos

FIV Recoletos outside view

FIV Recoletos is a network of fertility centers founded in Spain. One of its assisted reproduction clinics is located at Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha. Here you will find state-of-the-art technology and the latest assisted reproductive techniques.

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Juaneda Fertility Center

Fertility Center Mallorca

Juaneda Fertility Centers belongs to the Juaneda welfare network, the first professional network of hospitals founded in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. Here you will find professionalism, accuracy, and reliability thanks to its professional team.

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PGD by age 40

PGD by age 40

Embryos derived from eggs of women over 40 are much more likely to develop genetic alterations which can lead to non-viable embryos or children with genetic disorders. PGD is a very helpful tool for transferring to the woman only the healthiest embryos after having assessed their chromosomes.

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Number of eggs obtained

Ovulation and number of oocytes obtained

After assisted reproductive treatments which require controlled ovarian stimulation, an ovarian drilling is performed in order to remove the eggs, and then counting them in order to know the number of eggs obtained.

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