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Pregnancy and physical exercise

Swimming and pregnancy

Doing some sport is highly recommended during pregnancy, since it is beneficial both for maternal and fetal health and helps reducing the risk of suffering labor and delivery complications.

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35 weeks pregnant

Lenght and weight of the foetus with 35 weeks

It’s the previous to last week of the eighth month of pregnancy. THe moment of labour is near, you’re in the final stage of pregnancy. The foetus is completely formed and if he was bron, he wouldn’t have any trouble to survive.

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What is lanugo

Loss of fetal lanugo

The lanugo body hair that covers the foetus during pregnancy. It is like shield that protects the unborn from infections and diseases, keeping the foetus warm.

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9 months pregnant

Nine months pregnant

Contrary to the popular belief, pregnancy does not last nine months. Doctors usually count it by weeks, and gestation takes place during the 38th and 40th week. This is not the last month of pregnancy. If so, it would take place in the 36th week,

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