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33 weeks pregnant

Fetal development 33 weeks

Fluid retention is one of the most common annoyances during gravidity. Other symptoms are the crawling sensation in hands and wrists, as well as the insensitivity in fingers.

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32 weeks pregnant

Foetal brain 32 weeks

This week corresponds to the eighth month of pregnancy. It’s the final stage of gravidity and all the organs of the baby are formed. From now on he’ll just put on weight and increase in size.

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27 weeks pregnant

Baby's development week 27

During week 27 the lanugo covering the baby’s skin begins to fall out, but the foetus’ skin is protected by a layer named vernix.

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21 weeks pregnant

Week 21 gravidity

During week 21 you won’t feel the typical discomforts of the first months, you’ll feel better. It’s a good moment to do some moderate exercise in order to avoid the fluid retention.

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