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When to take a pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests are highly accurate if they are taken correctly

Pregnancy tests are highly accurate as long as they are done the first day after you period is delayed, or 15 days after engaging in sexual activity without contraception. However, blood tests are more accurate than urine tests at detecting pregnancy.

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Cryptorchidism and fertility

Cryptorchidism or hidden testicle consists of no descending testicle or testicles to scrotal bag, where they should be located at birth. The descent occurs normally in the first year of life, if not, it is corrected with surgery.

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Biochemical pregnancy

Achieving a pregnancy after a biochemical miscarriage

Biochemical pregnancy happens when there was gestation, the embryo could implant in the embryo, but unfortunately there was no evolution. It is a very early gestational loss that does not affect a new attempt of pregnancy in the future.

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