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Tips to relieve menstrual pain

Abdominal discomfort before or during menstruation

Headache, stomach discomfort, fatigue, bloating, irritability, etc. These are a few symptoms associated with menstruation capable of affecting your daily routine. In this article, we will give you simple tricks to cope with them.

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Causes of erectile dysfunction

Male difficulties

Find out what keeps you from achieving that erection to be able to enjoy your sexual relationships with your partner. It is one of the sexual problems with the highest incidence in men.

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34 weeks pregnant

Intercostal neuraligia 34 weeks

You are on the half of the ninth month of pregnancy, is the final stage of gravidity. You might feel pressure on the vagina that can make you feel uncomfortable. This is due to the fact that the foetus has settled in the pelvis waiting for the moment of labour.

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Achieving pregnancy with varicocele

Varicocele and infertility

The term varicocele is used to refer to the dilation of the vessels of the spermatic cord (that irrigate the testicle), and is produced when the valves of these veins prevent the blood from flowing correctly, provoking an increase in the temperature, which is harmful for the process of spermatogenesis (spermatozoa formation), and that results […]

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18 weeks pregnant

Heart of the foetus during week 18

It’s the second week of the fifth month. The change in the foetus that is important, is the beginning of ossification.

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Antiphospholipid syndrome

Thrombus due to APS

Antiphospholipid syndrome has an impact on coagulation. This illness must be treated, especially in pregnant women, since a good irrigation is vital for the development of the foetus.

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Eleven weeks pregnant

Embryonic development at the 11th week of pregnancy

The 11th week corresponds to the third week of the third month of prengnacy. The umbilical cord is now able to transport blood, the placenta is operative.

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Fertility and acupuncture

Acupuncture and male fertility

Acupuncture is a thousand-year old technique through which many illnesses are treated and prevented. It has been used in assisted reproduction in order to solve problems related with hormonal regulation.

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