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7 months of pregnancy

27th week

The seventh month is the first month of the countdown to childbirth. This month includes the 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th weeks of gestation.

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31 weeks pregnant

Sleeping 31 weeks pregnant

It’s the previous to last week of pregnancy, the uterus takes up all the belly so it’s possible that you feel annoyances while breathing and you feel that you don’t have enough air. Don’t worry; the baby is getting enough oxygen.

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27 weeks pregnant

Baby's development week 27

During week 27 the lanugo covering the baby’s skin begins to fall out, but the foetus’ skin is protected by a layer named vernix.

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39 weeks pregnant

Baby development in the 39th week of pregnancy

It is the penultimate week of the tenth month of pregnancy: the labour can take place at any time now, as it normally happens, according to the doctors, between the 38th and the 40th week of pregnancy.

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30 weeks pregnant

Sviluppo della gestazione alla trentesima settimana

Week after week, the pregnancy gets closer to its end: in 10 weeks you’ll have reached the date of the birth. The most common symptoms now are balance loss and tiredness, because you can’t sleep well.

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9 months pregnant

Nine months pregnant

Contrary to the popular belief, pregnancy does not last nine months. Doctors usually count it by weeks, and gestation takes place during the 38th and 40th week. This is not the last month of pregnancy. If so, it would take place in the 36th week,

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Pregnancy symptoms


Although they may not always occur, pregnancy symptoms may include nausea, vomiting during the first quarter, and fatigue and/or insomnia during late pregnancy.

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