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In vitro fertilization

In vitro fertilization is a fertility procedure through which egg-sperm binding occurs in the laboratory, aiming at obtaining an embryo that will be later transferred into the woman so that pregnancy occurs.

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When to take a pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests are highly accurate if they are taken correctly

Pregnancy tests are highly accurate as long as they are done the first day after you period is delayed, or 15 days after engaging in sexual activity without contraception. However, blood tests are more accurate than urine tests at detecting pregnancy.

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Intermenstrual bleeding

Vaginal bleeding

Intermenstrual bleeding or Metrorrhagia is a bleeding that comes from the uterus and occurs between two periods. It can happen due to several more or less serious reasons.

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Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT)

Fertilization process

The gamete intrafallopian transfer is a technique which couples choose over other reproductive treatments due to moral reasons. However it is now often used due to its technical complexity, low success rates and complications that may arise from it.

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Kartagener syndrome

Human epithelium with cilia

This disease receives many names and causes a dysfunction of the ultrastructure of cilia and flagella, which means they cannot function properly. Sinusitis, chronic bronchitis or inertility are some of its symptoms.

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Illnesses that cause female infertility

Premature menopause

33% infertility cases are due to a female origin and there are several disorders and illnesses that can affet female fertility. In this article we present some of the most common diseases that cause female infertility.

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