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Guide to donor conception

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

Gamete donation (eggs and sperm) refers to a type of fertility treatment in which the patient receives donor eggs and/or sperm from someone whom has decided to become a gamete donor. The sole purpose of the whole process is achieving pregnancy and giving birth to a child.

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Oocyte donation

Why do we need to resort to oocyte donation?

The first full-term gestation thanks to oocyte donation, a.k.a. egg donation, took place in 1984 and that feature marks the birth of one of the most innovative Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). In recent years, oocyte donation has gained ground in the field of Reproductive Medicine. Egg donation is classically defined as the insertion of female […]

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Pregnant via egg donation

Pregnancy after egg donation

Thanks to egg donation certain women can achieve pregnancy with assisted reproduction techniques. They use donor eggs, since their ovarian reserve is very low or they have poor quality oocytes.

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