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Embryo donation in Russia

Embryo transfer to the maternal womb

Embryo donation and adoption is a rather uncommon fertility treatment in Russia. It involves using the unused embryos remaining from the IVF cycle of another couple.

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Donor-egg IVF in Russia

Becoming a mother via egg donation

Russia is one of the countries where laws on assisted reproduction address a wide range of fertility treatments, including IVF with donor eggs. Donors can be anonymous or, if requested by the recipient woman, known, in which case it can be either a friend or a relative, provided that the requirements to be an egg donor are met.

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AVA Peter Clinic

AVA Peter Clinic outside

AVA-Peter is a well-known fertility clinic located in Saint Petersburg, where it is famous for its high-tech lab, clever physicians and skilled embryologists. Among the most developed assisted reproductive technologies that you can find at AVA-Peter, we highlight the following: pre-implantation genetic screening of embryos, embryo donation and adoption, and of course egg donation programs. […]

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Nova Clinic

Outside Nova Clinic

Nova Clinic is a fertility clinic specialized in the field of reproductive medicine through which the performance of the many assisted reproductive technologies available nowadays. From the beginning, Nova Clinic has always seen the incoming of international patients who have stated their satisfaction in terms of quality from beginning to end, that is, when the […]

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