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Embryo donation in the USA

Donation of unwanted embryos

Embryo adoption is an affordable reproductive choice that allows many people achieve parenthood in spite of poor egg and/or sperm quality or no gamete production at all.

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Quality of the eggs

Finding out the state of the ovarian reserve

Using several techniques the quality of the eggs can be found out to know the reproductive potential of a woman, and if needed, which assisted reproduction technique to apply.

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Preparation of the endometrium

Early pregnancy stage

The endometrium has to be prepared prior to the implementation of an assisted reproduction treatment. Therapeutical drugs are used to increase the thickness of the endometrium so as to facilitate embryo implantation.

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Embryo thawing

Thawed embryos

Embryo thawing is a reliable technique which allow embryos to be retrieved in the same stage as they were vitrified, regardless of how much time has passed.

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The healthier embryo, the best moment for embryoscope

Embryoscope is an incubation system that allows taking images of the embryo at any moment. This way, the complete development of the embryo can be observed without any need to vary the conditions in which it’s immersed.

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Natural cycle of embryo transfer

Endometrial optimisation after embryo transfer

Currently, there is no clear evidence to recommend a specific protocol for endometrial preparation after embryo transfer, since many different factors which vary on each woman take part in the process.

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Embryo culture

Embryo culture

Some assisted reproductive techniques, such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or ICSI, perform egg fertilisation outside the woman’s body. For this reason, embryo culture is necessary up to the day in which the embryo transfer is performed.

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