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How many embryos to transfer

Risks involved in a multiple birth

How many embryos should be transferred? This is a frequently asked question among patients undergoing an IVF cycle. Increasing the pregnancy success rate without rising the risk of multiple births is the ultimate goal.

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Endometriosis and fertility

Female sterility due to endometriosis

This illness may cause sterility due to several reasons: it aters the hormonal levels of women (producing irregularities in the ovarian cycle) and furthermore, it can provoke difficulties when it comes to the implantation of the embryo.

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Natural cycle of embryo transfer

Endometrial optimisation after embryo transfer

Currently, there is no clear evidence to recommend a specific protocol for endometrial preparation after embryo transfer, since many different factors which vary on each woman take part in the process.

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It is a membrane that internally lines the uterus, and it increases as each mentrual cycle takes place. It increases its size because, in the event of an egg being fertilised and the consequent formation of an embryo, it would have to be implanted in the endometrium.

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Embryo transfer

Selecting the best embryos

It is a technique by which the embryos grown in the laboratory are placed into the maternal uterus. The transfer can be carried out on day 3 or on day 5 of the embryionic development.

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