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Double-donor IVF in Spain

Donor-gamete IVF

Double-donor IVF is a fertility treatment that aims at obtaining both donor eggs and sperm from an anonymous donor in order to be later fertilized in the laboratory and this way obtain viable embryos to achieve pregnancy.

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Donor sperm insemination in Spain

Donor sperm insemination

Artificial insemination by donor is a low-complexity fertility treatment especially indicated for single mothers, heterosexual couples in which there exist a severe male factor, and same-sex female couples.

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Grupo Médico de Reproducción GMER

Clínica Astarté building

GMER – Clínica Astarté is a fertility clinic devoted to help couples with some kind of fertility problem through assisted reproductive technologies. Today, most fertility problems can be solved, and having a baby is now possible with GMER. The clinic, located in Cádiz, Spain is found within the Clínica Astarté building. This fusion has given […]

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