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Guide to donor conception

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

Gamete donation (eggs and sperm) refers to a type of fertility treatment in which the patient receives donor eggs and/or sperm from someone whom has decided to become a gamete donor. The sole purpose of the whole process is achieving pregnancy and giving birth to a child.

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Types of donor conception

Achieving pregnancy thanks to donor conception

Egg donation, sperm donation and/or embryo donation are fertility treatments that allow many women and couples becoming parents through assisted reproductive technology.

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Sperm donor privacy

Anonymours sperm donation

One of the main worries of the sperm donor is if his privacy is going to be respected. That depends on the laws of each country; in Spain the identity of the donor is always anonymous.

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Requirements for egg donation

Guidelines donation

Egg donors must comply a series of requisites regarding age, mental and physical health, and functionality of their reproductive systems before joining an oocyte donation program.

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CGH arrays

PGD with CGH arrays

Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis with CGH arrays allows the evaluation of the 23 pairs of chromosomes with the aim of choosing the healthiest embryo for the transfer.

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