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Intrauterine hematomas during pregnancy

Intrauterine haematoma

They appear as small blood pools that seep within the endometrium, and are crescent- or wedge-shaped structures located between the tissue created for pregnancy and the outer layer of the uterus. Pregnancy may be considered at high risk, and bed-rest at home will be recommended.

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Can I get pregnant on my period?

Having sex during your period

Even though it presents a lower degree of likelihood, women can get pregnant on their period. This is the reason why they should use protection in order to prevent unintended pregnancy when engaging in sexual activity.

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It is a membrane that internally lines the uterus, and it increases as each mentrual cycle takes place. It increases its size because, in the event of an egg being fertilised and the consequent formation of an embryo, it would have to be implanted in the endometrium.

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