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Columbia Fertility Associates

Columbia Fertility Associates outside

Columbia Fertility Associates (CFA) is all about creating miracles every day. This fertility clinic located in Washington DC offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of the many different problems related to infertility as well as reproductive endocrinology disorders.

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Love, sex, and infertility

Love and sex when infertility exists

When a couple has fertility problems, new feelings and tensions that might worsen the relationship arise. These feelings are not helpful when a couple is trying to conceive. We will give you some tips to prevent this from happening.

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Indications for conventional in vitro fertilisation

Conventional IVF

In vitro fertilisation is indicated in cases of mild male infertility and tubal obstruction, endometriosis, and ovulation disruption. This technique consists of placing the ovum in a drop of sperm; then, the spermatozoa will pass through the egg layers until only of them reaches the cytoplasm.

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