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IRDC Instituto de Reproducción Dr Checa

Clínica Corachan Barcelona

IRDC or Instituto de Reproducción Dr Checa counts on more than 15 years of experience in the field of infertility. IRDC offers the broadest guarantees of success, an individualized patient follow-up, cutting-edge technology, and very competitive prices, everything without waiting list.

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Neway Fertility

Maria Fertility Hospital Network

Neway Fertility is located at the Maria Fertility Hospital Network, which was founded in 1989 and has become now the largest fertility center worldwide. The philosophy of Neway Fertility is based upon providing the patient with the most personal care. Here you will find innovative techniques such as the so-called IVM.

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When to turn to a specialist

To turn to the fertility clinic

If after one year of cotinuous sexual relationships pregnancy hasn’t been achieved, it’s the moment to turn to a fertility clinic. You must wait for a year, unless you already know of some infertility problem affecting you.

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Sterility of unknown origin


Many couples that spend more than a year trying to achieve pregnancy resort to assisted reproduction centres. Unfortunately, specialists do not find the cause that explains their fertility problems.

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