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Guide to donor conception

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

Gamete donation (eggs and sperm) refers to a type of fertility treatment in which the patient receives donor eggs and/or sperm from someone whom has decided to become a gamete donor. The sole purpose of the whole process is achieving pregnancy and giving birth to a child.

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Results of Assisted Hatching

Results of assisted hatching

It is important to perform the assisted hatching only in cases where it is clearly indicated. If it is performed on embryos which would hatch naturally, chances for pregnancy would not increase.

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Assisted hatching (AHA)

Assisted hatching

Assisted hatching is a technique used to make it easier for the embryo to break through its protein-rich coat, the zona pellucida (ZP). The aim is to enable implantation and, therefore, increase the chances for pregnancy in some particular cases.

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Problems of in vitro fertilisation

Ectopic pregnancy

There are some problems associated with in vitro fertilisation, mainly due to the previous ovarian stimulation that women undergo, which may cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and/or multiple births.

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