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31 weeks pregnant

Sleeping 31 weeks pregnant

It’s the previous to last week of pregnancy, the uterus takes up all the belly so it’s possible that you feel annoyances while breathing and you feel that you don’t have enough air. Don’t worry; the baby is getting enough oxygen.

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27 weeks pregnant

Baby's development week 27

During week 27 the lanugo covering the baby’s skin begins to fall out, but the foetus’ skin is protected by a layer named vernix.

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What is lanugo

Loss of fetal lanugo

The lanugo body hair that covers the foetus during pregnancy. It is like shield that protects the unborn from infections and diseases, keeping the foetus warm.

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4 months pregnant

Fourth month

Now begins a quiter period, discomforts are unlikely (the first semester nauseas are not a bothersome anymore). The fourth month of pregnancy goes from the 13th week to the 16th week of pregnancy.

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