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Donor insemination cost in Spain

Giving an economic compensation to the sperm donor

Artificial insemination by donor stands for a low-complexity technique, which translates into a lower overall cost if compared to donor-sperm IVF. In Spain, the price of this technique ranges from €800 to €1,500.

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Sperm formation

It takes place in testicles and lasts two months and a half approximately. It is the maduration of some cells that split, madurate, and eventually become spermatozoa.

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Natural remedies for PCOS

Remedies PCOS

Natural remedies with certain plants can help improve the ovarian cycle, which combined with a healthy diet can regulate the hormonal levels of women with PCOS.

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Sertoli cell-only syndrome

Male infertility

There aren’t many cases of Sertoli cell-only syndrome, but men that suffer from it can’t produce spermatozoa and must turn to sperm donation to become parents.

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Advantages of LH

LH advantages

LH hormone is used in assisted reproduction treatments to achieve an adequate ovarian stimulation, so that there are more chances of pregnancy in the treatments.

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Indications of GnRH analogues

Indicated for PCOS

These drugs are chemical compounds that can be used as if they were the gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), it acts on the pituitary gland in order that gonadotropins are released.

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Gonadotropins are hormones secreted by the pituitary gland after the stimulation of GnRH pulses. Gonadotropins are produced by men and women and they regulate the reproductive cycle in both cases, although they do not have the same levels of gonadotropins and the actions regulated are different in each case. There are three types of gonadotropic hormones: FSH, LH, and hCG.

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