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Early menopause

When is it considered as early menopause?

Also known as premature ovarian failure, it relates to those cases in which menopause approaches women before age 40, thus preventing them from getting pregnant. Women suffering from this condition should undergo assisted reproductive technologies.

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Endometriosis and fertility

Female sterility due to endometriosis

This illness may cause sterility due to several reasons: it aters the hormonal levels of women (producing irregularities in the ovarian cycle) and furthermore, it can provoke difficulties when it comes to the implantation of the embryo.

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Reflexotherapy and infertility

Appropriate therapist

Reflexotherapy is a technique that consists in the application of pressure in several reflex areas and has several advantages when it comes to reproduction and achieving pregnancy.

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Requirements for an AI

Requirements for an Artificial Insemination

There are a series of minimum requirements in artificial insemination to ensure the minimal guarantees of success. As for women, the main requiremnts is having tubal patency; with regard to men, a MSC result of at least three million sperm is necessary.

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