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LADA Reproductive Health Center

LADA views from the outside

LADA Reproductive Health Center is located in Odessa, Ukraine since its establishment, which took place in 2009. To date, the main goal of LADA has always been providing their patients with an optimal patient care both in the diagnosis and treatment and infertility. LADA’s medical team perform their duties on the highest professional levels, since […]

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Mother & Child

Mother and Child Ukraine exterior

Mother & Child is an international network of reproductive health clinics located in Kiev, Ukraine. They specialize in fertility treatments, prenatal care, pregnancy planning, gynecology, breast screening unit, and prenatal diagnostic. Hundreds of married couples become parents year after year thanks to the work of Mother & Child. Each one of the doctors that made […]

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Human Reproduction Problems Clinic

Medbud building, Kiev

The Human Reproduction Problems Clinic in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine was established in order to diagnose and treat the most severe forms of infertility. Since it was founded in 1998, more than 7,500 babies have been born, with average success rates from one cycle of about 70%. The clinic specializes in fertility treatments, including: ICSI, TESA, […]

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Bahceci Cyprus IVF Center

Bahceci view from the outside

Bahceci Health Group is a leading assisted reproduction healthcare group at international level, with 9 centers in 7 different countries. Prof. Mustafa Bahceci, MD is the founder of what today we know as Bahceci Health Group, a network devoted to provide international standards in several fields. Bahceci Cyprus IVF Center has 20+ years of experience […]

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