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Double-donor IVF in the USA

Double-donor IVF

Double-donor IVF is the reproductive process through which a couple uses both donor eggs and sperm to create the embryos that will later give rise to their baby-to-be.

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Artificial insemination

How is an AI performed

Artificial insemination is the easiest of all assisted reproductive technologies. It consists of placing those sperm presenting the highest motility rates into the woman’s cervix during her fertile days.

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Waiting for AI results

Couple waiting for artificial insemination results

During the two-week wait after artificial insemination, women experience a series of very different feelings as well as strong emotions, since she will soon find out whether she is pregnant or not.

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How to become pregnant

Achieving pregnancy

Women who wish to become pregnant can follow a series of recommendations or guidelines to increase natural possibilities of getting pregnant.

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False pregnancy or pseudocyesis

Unconditional desire for getting pregnant

False pregnancy occurs in women who think they are pregnant. They can even notice the pregnancy symptoms, although they are not actually pregnant. There have also been cases of men who have experienced it.

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When to take a pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests are highly accurate if they are taken correctly

Pregnancy tests are highly accurate as long as they are done the first day after you period is delayed, or 15 days after engaging in sexual activity without contraception. However, blood tests are more accurate than urine tests at detecting pregnancy.

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After the embryo transfer

After the embryo transfer: the two-week wait

Following the transfer of embryos after undergoing IVF treatment or ICSI many women do not know how to act if it is advisable to rest and above all how to act in the expected beta.

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