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Disadvantages of FSH

Recombinant FSH

The main disadvantage derived from recombinant FSH if compared to other assisted reproductive treatments is that it is more expensive, since it does not come from the purification human urine.

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Advantages of FSH

Benefits of follicle-stimulating hormone

Using medicines containing recombinant FSH has several advantages. Its main benefit is that, since it is a lab creation, it has a high degree of purity, which means it may be effective in smaller doses as well.

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FSH indications for use

Indications for FSH therapy

The FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone is a type of gonadotropic hormone used for ovulation induction in women undergoing assisted reproductive treatments.

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Recombinant FSH

Recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone

Recombinant FSH refers to the follicle-stimulating hormone that has been created by means of bioengineering. It is a lab creation, which means it is not a human-based preparation.

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Medicaments containing FSH

The FSH is a type of gonadotropic hormone which regulates the reproductive cycle in men and women. For the assisted reproductive treatments, it is prescribed to women for ovulation induction.

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Gonal injection

This is a trading name of a medicine. Its major compound is the recombinant FSH, a gonadotropin hormone, which is used in AI, IVF and ICSI cycles to stimulate the woman’s ovary.

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How to use Gonal-f pen

Gonal indications

This type of Gonal is very practical because its administration is easier and quicker. It looks like a pen and it is injected subcutaneously and immediately into women’s belly.

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Posology of GONAL-f

Gonal-f in assisted reproduction techniques

The necessary dose of Gonal-f which leads to the stimulation of the ovary depends on many factors such as woman’s age, her weight and if she suffers from some type of infertility.

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