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Sperm’s journey to the egg

Obstacles in the female reproductive tract

Since its formation to the fertilization of the egg, spermatozoids have to cross a complicated path full of obstacles. Only one spermatozoid will overcome all the barriers and fertilize the egg, creating therefore a new being.

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Seminal quality

Cryptozoospermia or cryptospermia is a sperm pathology that may lead to male infertility and is characterized by a low sperm quantity. Actually, it causes the same symptoms as oligozoospermia, but more severely.

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Natural pregnancy

Breaking of the egg's layers

In order to achieve a natural pregnancy, a minimum concentration of motile sperm is required. Likewise, there should be no obstruction of the Fallopian tubes and sexual intercourse should take place during the woman’s fertile days.

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Male fertility

Male reproductive system

It is measured by the reproductive potential of the man. It encompasses the testicle’s ability to produce quality sperm capable of fertilizing the egg and the man’s ability to copulate.

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Sperm density

Spermatozoids expelled during ejacualtion

Semen is ticker in the moment of ejaculation and, once inside the vagina, it becomes more liquid so it can travel through the Fallopian tubes.

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Techniques for sperm capacitation

Sperm capacitation

Sperm capacitation to fertilise an egg occurs naturally within the female genitalia, but when it comes to assisted reproduction, it should be performed artificially at the laboratory.

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