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Clínica Tambre

Clínica Tambre location

Tambre Clinic (Clínica Tambre in Spanish) is a clinic situated in Madrid, Spain since 2000. Here you will find services in the following medicine areas: reproductive medicine, urology, andrology, breast pathology, women’s health, etc.

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Fertimed Huelva Spain facilities

Fertimed is an assisted reproduction clinic located in Huelva, Spain, and also in Algarve, Portugal. With its wide range of highly qualified specialists in Assisted Reproduction, the clinic aims at dealing with fertility problems.

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ReproFiv. fertility clinic

Reprofiv is a fertility clinic providing complete and high-quality services in the field of reproductive medicine. The clinic was founded with the aim of providing infertile couples with the best solutions in order to achieving parenthood. Made up of an expert and multidisciplinary medical team, equipped with the most advanced technologies, Reprofiv performs all assisted […]

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Gutenberg Centre Reproduction Unit (URE)

Unidad de Reproducción Clinic Reception

The Gutenberg Centre Reproduction Unit (URE) was born in 1987 in Málaga, Spain and today brings over 25 years of experience to Reproductive Medicine. Here you will find a wide range of assisted reproductive techniques.

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FIV Recoletos

FIV Recoletos outside view

FIV Recoletos is a network of fertility centers founded in Spain. One of its assisted reproduction clinics is located at Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha. Here you will find state-of-the-art technology and the latest assisted reproductive techniques.

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IERA-GC facilities

The Extremaduran Institute of Assisted Reproductive Technology González Carrera is a pioneer in the use of IVF and other assisted reproductive methods. Apart from performing techniques such as IVF, AI and ICSI, among others, IERA-GC counts on an egg bank.

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Clínica Rubal

Clínica Rubal Tomelloso Ciudad Real

Rubal Clinic is an assisted reproduction centre where the most important assisted reproductive treatments are conducted. Their philosophy is based upon two premises: reliability and communication, two values that are achieved every day thanks to the excellent medical team they count on.

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FIV Marbella

FIV Marbella reception

FIV Marbella is an assisted reproduction clinic composed of a multi-disciplinary group which have created a new concept of fertility treatment. FIV Marbella’s purpose is clear: achieving pregnancy. By reaching this, millions of couples having trouble conceiving will see their dream of being parents come true. The medical staff of FIV Marbella, led by Dr […]

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FIV Valencia

FIV Valencia entrance to the clinic

FIV Valencia, Spanish abbreviation for In Vitro Fertilization, is an Assisted Reproduction Clinic located in Valencia, Spain and led by doctors Miguel Dolz Arroyo and Joaquín Moreno Marí.

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