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Analysis of sperm vitality

Eosin stain in the evaluation of sperm viability

This test is performed when undergoing a seminogram in those cases where the number of immotile sperm is over 40%. It allows us to check whether sperm are dead or alive but immotile.

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Spermatozoa test at home

Sperm parameters

In the USA spermatozoa test can be purchased, which can be performed at home. This way the man can have an idea about his fertility state, without turning to the assisted reproduction clinic.

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Male infertility tests

Sperm examination under the microscope

To check if there’s male infertility or sterility several tests are carried out. The main test is the sperm analysis, in which his sperm is analyzed to check the quality of the spermatozoa.

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Male fertility test

Male spermatic quality

The sperm analysis is extremely useful when it comes to recommending any fertility treatment, but, what is studied with these analyses?

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Spermatic agglutination

Agglutination of the spermatozoa

The spermatic agglutination consists on the formation of heaps of spermatozoa. These adhesions may be through the head or the tail and they prevent the spermatozoa from displacing and fertilising the egg.

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Diagnosing oligozoospermia

Oligozoospermia is a male infertility alteration due to spermatic factor. There’s a low quantity of spermatozoa in sperm.

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Testicular torsion

Testicular orchiditis is the name that an inflammation in the male gonads receives, be it in the vasa deferentia, epididymis, blood vessels or the testicle itself.

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