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Types of donor conception

Achieving pregnancy thanks to donor conception

Egg donation, sperm donation and/or embryo donation are fertility treatments that allow many women and couples becoming parents through assisted reproductive technology.

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How to become pregnant

Achieving pregnancy

Women who wish to become pregnant can follow a series of recommendations or guidelines to increase natural possibilities of getting pregnant.

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Results after artificial insemination

Success rate for AI

Apart from the previous requirements, it is highly important that women are under 35 in order to achieve success after artificial insemination. In such way, the pregnancy rate would rise up to 20% per cycle; after 4 inseminations, the chances for pregnancy using husband’s sperm rise up to 60%, while they increase by 10% with insemination by donor.

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Male factor infertility

Sterility due to altered sperm

Male sterility due to sperm factors may be produced by some alterations that affect the spermatozoa, either their vitality, morphology, concentration and/or motility.

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Retrograde ejaculation

Men with retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is an uncommon anomaly. Men who suffer retrograde ejaculation do not expel semen out through the urethra, but they ejaculate inside the bladder.

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