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Assisted Reproduction

First IVF baby

Many couples undergo assisted reproduction techniques to have a child. This set of techniques and treatments is recommended to those people who are diagnosed with any fertility problem in order to become pregnant.

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FIV Valencia

FIV Valencia facilities

FIV Valencia, Spanish abbreviation for In Vitro Fertilization, is an Assisted Reproduction Clinic located in Valencia, Spain and led by doctors Miguel Dolz Arroyo and Joaquín Moreno Marí.

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Analysis of sperm vitality

Eosin stain in the evaluation of sperm viability

This test is performed when undergoing a seminogram in those cases where the number of immotile sperm is over 40%. It allows us to check whether sperm are dead or alive but immotile.

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Juaneda Fertility Center

Fertility Center Mallorca

Juaneda Fertility Centers belongs to the Juaneda welfare network, the first professional network of hospitals founded in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. Here you will find professionalism, accuracy, and reliability thanks to its professional team.

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Natural cycle of embryo transfer

Endometrial optimisation after embryo transfer

Currently, there is no clear evidence to recommend a specific protocol for endometrial preparation after embryo transfer, since many different factors which vary on each woman take part in the process.

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Psychological support


Having trouble conceiving can be very frustrating for some couples. Psychological support is highly advisable when undergoing assisted reproductive techniques, since communication is the basis for reducing the stress caused by these type of procedures.

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