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Prenatal massage

Relieving tension during pregnancy

Prenatal massages are beneficial for pregnant women, since they relieve the tension at the back caused by the belly’s increase in volume and the aches at the lumbar area.

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Love, sex, and infertility

Love and sex when infertility exists

When a couple has fertility problems, new feelings and tensions that might worsen the relationship arise. These feelings are not helpful when a couple is trying to conceive. We will give you some tips to prevent this from happening.

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Sterility and psychology

Worried couple

The psychological factor plays an important role when it comes to having children. Many couples, who are obsessed with being parents, have fertility problems caused by anxiety.

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Biochemical pregnancy

Achieving a pregnancy after a biochemical miscarriage

Biochemical pregnancy happens when there was gestation, the embryo could implant in the embryo, but unfortunately there was no evolution. It is a very early gestational loss that does not affect a new attempt of pregnancy in the future.

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Psychological support


Having trouble conceiving can be very frustrating for some couples. Psychological support is highly advisable when undergoing assisted reproductive techniques, since communication is the basis for reducing the stress caused by these type of procedures.

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