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Georgia Reproductive Specialists

GRS Main Office at Meridian Mark Plaza Building

Georgia Reproductive Specialists is located in Atlanta, Georgia, gateway to the American south. Atlanta is the sprawling capital of Georgia, with over five million residents in the metro area. GRS has an international reputation for providing the most advanced, effective fertility treatments in a compassionate, patient-centered environment. Their staff is committed to making your entire […]

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Washington Fertility Center

Washington Fertility Center outside

Washington Fertility Center is an assisted reproduction clinic that serves patients from Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Washington Fertility Center’s philosophy is simple: patients deserve the most personalized care and service, no matter which their problem is. Besides, the clinic counts on several clinics worldwide. Among the services available, you can find the most advanced […]

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Surrogacy in the United States

Aparent IVF center

Aparent IVF is an American clinic which performs surrogacy among other assisted reproduction treatments. Colleen Coughlin is the director of the laboratory as well as a great speaker who makes herself understood even looking at her audience, as she says.

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