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Celebrities who used donor eggs or a surrogate

Mariah Carey got pregnant via egg donation

The truth is, age is a factor. Normal women usually ask themselves how could Sarah Jessica Parker or Kelly Preston, among others, get pregnant in their mid-forties. From this age onwards, chances of getting pregnant naturally are 0.8%.

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Legal donor-egg treatments in the USA

Conventional IVF or ICSI

US legislation allows both conventional IVF and ICSi using donor eggs. Moreover, PGD and surrogacy are addressed as additional techniques in the regulations governing this field in the majority of U. S. states.

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I want to be a father

Fatherhood and surrogacy

Nowadays, gay couples and single men have the option of starting a family thanks to three basic procedures: adoption, co-paternity and surrogacy.

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Surrogacy in the United States

Aparent IVF center

Aparent IVF is an American clinic which performs surrogacy among other assisted reproduction treatments. Colleen Coughlin is the director of the laboratory as well as a great speaker who makes herself understood even looking at her audience, as she says.

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