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Medical control during pregnancy

Monitoring your health during pregnancy

Regular medical care during pregnancy is essential in order to study the presence of fetal alterations. Ultrasound scans and analyses of certain proteins in the mother are the most common ways of doing so.

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2 months pregnant

embryonic skin development

At this stage, the woman may experience the impact of hormonal changes, something that may alter her emotions. However, physical body changes aren’t noticeable at a glance yet.

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3 months pregnant

Nine weeks fetal development

In this moment, you have overcome the first quarter: many typical pains will disappear during this month, and a calmer stage with less changes will start soon. This third month of pregnancy is between the 9th and the 12th week of pregnancy.

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Eleven weeks pregnant

Embryonic development at the 11th week of pregnancy

The 11th week corresponds to the third week of the third month of prengnacy. The umbilical cord is now able to transport blood, the placenta is operative.

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Birth attendance

Information and instructions.

Birth is a progressively humanised progress, giving room to decide how to do it without jeopardising the integrity of the mother or the newborn.

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