10 weeks pregnant

There haven’t been any significant changes in your body yet. Your body weight won’t have increased and you will still be able to use the same clothes. However, you may feel them tighter around the waist. You should choose clothes that are loose around the waist, so as to be more comfortable. The size of the uterus may have increased considerably and take a lot of space in the pelvis. If this is your case, you’ll be able to feel it when you touch this part of the body.

During the next medical appointment you’ll live one of the most incredible pregnancy experiences: hearing the heartbeat of your baby. Your partner, in the case that you have one, should accompany you to this appointment, since it’s one of the nicest experiences to share together.

Ten weeks pregnant

These are the changes that the embryo experiences during the tenth pregnancy week: the limbs lengthen and the elbows and knees appear, the fingers in hands and feet are defined, though linked through a membrane, and the forehead is big in comparison to the size of the face.

The anus and urethral sulcus are formed and the gonads, that haven’t acquired a defined sex yet, begin to differentiate. The osteogenesis of the skeleton begins, process that will end when the baby reaches adulthood.

At the end of the week the embryo will be 30mm long and will weight 5 grams.

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