By Neus Ferrando Gilabert BSc, MSc (embryologist).
Last Update: 11/06/2014

During the week 14 you will have already entered the second trimester, which means miscarriage risk decreases considerably. Furthermore, during this trimester the nausea and other annoyances will disappear so it’s the perfect moment to take up doing a bit of exercise in order to keep healthy.

From this moment on pregnancy becomes noticeable, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. In women that have already had children, changes are noticeable earlier. The uterus takes more space than usual; hence the belly will be more rounded. It’s the perfect moment, since the belly starts being more rounded but you don’t feel heavy or uncomfortable, and you don’t feel any more annoyances.

Another change will be that the breasts will increase their size and you’ll feel them more sensitive. Now it’s necessary for you to buy a maternity bra, with natural fabrics that allow perspiration and no steel rings.

Fetus development week 14

There are also some important changes in the baby. A small amount of hair is formed in his head and the eyebrows are also formed. The outer ear displaces until it almost reaches its definitive position. The eyes are huge, closed, and there’s a big space between each other. In this moment the baby is already able to move his head.

The muscle system is highly developed, which means his face muscles are capable of doing their function and the baby will begin opening his mouth, pulling faces or yawning. Step by step his internal organs are forming and now he’s able to digest amniotic fluid with his intestines that move with a certain frequency.

The sweat and sebaceous glands of the baby begin doing their function. At the end of this week the fetus will be 10 cm long and will weight 30 grams.

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