16 weeks pregnant

This week is included under the fourth month, and, as you can see, annoyances have decreased significantly. You must be happy, if you still haven’t felt it, you’ll soon feel the baby moving inside you.

This month tends to be quiet. Furthermore, you’ll feel pretty and special. It is always said that pregnant women are beautiful, which is due to the fact that the blood flow increases during gravidity. As stated before, you’ll feel radiant, since hormonal levels have decreased and you’ll feel more stable.

The size of the uterus will increase, especially in the pubic area until reaching 14 cm (measuring the uterus from the fundus of uterus until the pubic bone). You may feel the lower part of the abdomen a bit tense and you may feel a stabbing pain on the sides of the uterus. Don’t worry, it’s due to the fact that the ligaments are getting used to the new uterus form.

Fetus hematopoiesis

In the embryo the body keeps growing, the head and the body are more proportionate, the neck acquires its shape and the fingerprints form on hands and finger.

A vital fact is the beginning of the hematopoiesis, which is the formation of the baby’s blood cells.

At the end of this week the fetal size will be 13 cm long and his weight 70 grams.

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