21 weeks pregnant

During these last weeks you’ll have felt better. Your mood will have been better and the nausea and normal discomfort of the first trimester will have disappeared. You’ll feel exultant. Partially this is because your body has got used to the hormonal levels common during gravidity. The belly is rounded and pregnancy is noticeable from the outside, but you’ll still feel light and will be able to move freely. Due to this increase in the abdomen you need to take care and apply oils and creams, so that the skin is moistured and with enough collagen, in order to avoid the apparition of stretch marks.

You may feel pain at the area of the lower back or the dorsal area, and some muscle stiffness due to the increase in size and volume. If you were used to doing exercise before being pregnant, you’ll be able to carry on with this practice, as long as you’ll adapt the exercises to your new condition.

Even if you weren’t used to practicing exercise before pregnancy, it’s advisable to walk for an hour or at least 30 minutes so that hands and feet don’t get swollen. Swimming is also a good option because there’s no pressure in water.

Week 21 gravidity

During week 21 the eyelashes are formed and the eyes open, even though your child just perceives light. The eye is completely developed, however the iris hasn’t acquired any colour yet.

The baby can still move freely inside the womb, so you’ll sometimes feel him kicking the upper part of the abdomen and sometimes near the pubis area. Another important change is the capacity of his bone marrow of producing blood cells: the red blood cells are no longer synthesised in the spleen or the liver.

At the end of this week he will be 27 cm long and will weigh approximately 450 grams.

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