25 weeks pregnant

It’s week 25 and you’ll already have a rounded belly. You must wear loose clothes, so that you can feel comfortable and you’ll change your posture when walking, unless you’ve already done it. As pregnancy goes on, the gravity centre of your body changes, being located in a more advanced position. You must try to keep an appropriate deportment, in order not to suffer from back pain.

You’ll probably notice that your hair is better than ever, it’s shiny and plentiful. This is not due to the fact that it grows differently, but to the action of the androgenic hormones, whose effect is that there’s less hair loss. It may also have increased the quantity of body hair, or may even appear in areas where there wasn’t any before. Once delivery has taken place, this will go back to normal.

One of the most common annoyances, once the initial nausea have passed, is reflux, which is due to the fact that the uterus has increased in size and presses against the stomach. This, and a rise in luteal hormone, cause the annoying heartburn. Another common symptom is flatulence, due to the slower intestinal transit and the pressure put on the intestine. That’s why it’s recommended for pregnant women to avoid heavy meals, carbonated beverages, as well as to rest sat after meals and avoid lying down the following two hours after eating.

Fetal growth 25 weeks

The main changes in the foetus during this week are: the ossification centres located inside the bones begin to harden and the skeleton becomes more consistent; the baby’s skin is wrinkled and his head begins to get covered with the hair, with which he’ll be born; the teeth locate their place under the gums and the hearing develops more than the rest of the senses.

At the end of this week he will be approximately 33 cm long and will weight 800 grams on average. If the weight of your child is located between 470 and 1,075 grams, you must not worry, since they are also considered normal values.


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