By Neus Ferrando Gilabert BSc, MSc (embryologist).
Last Update: 11/19/2014

This is the final stage of pregnancy, in two weeks time you’re most likely to be delivering, although these two weeks may seem eternal. At this moment you should be giving the final touches to the baby’s room, since once he’s born you won’t have much time.

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Normal symptoms

It’s normal that you feel swollen, especially the legs. Now you must be careful with some symptoms such as: severe headaches, blurred vision, and suddenly severely swollen face. These symptoms are typical from an illness named pre-eclampsia. If any of this should happen you must contact with your doctor immediately.

It is difficult to know the exact day when the baby will be born. You must be alert just in case the delivery date comes ahead of time: regular contractions, vaginal bleeding or water breaking indicate that the labour has begun.

Changes in the baby

During week 38 the nails of your child reach out beyond his fingertips. This means he can scratch and even hurt himself. He’s already able to get hold of things with his hands.

You may notice that he moves less now, and that instead of doing it with his whole body you just notice the movement of knees and feet and a prickling sensation when he presses the muscles of the pelvic floor.

At the end of this week he will be 49 cm long and will weigh 3,270 grams on average. If the weight of your child is located between 2,650 and 3,810 grams don’t worry, they are also considered normal values.

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