7 weeks pregnant

During the 7th week of pregnancy you may still feel sickness.  Some women don’t feel any discomfort during pregnancy while others suffer from sickness and vomits. This discomfort is usually suffered during the first three months, so you should always have some biscuits or food nearby to relieve it.

There won’t be any big changes. It is likely that some symptoms begin to recede. However, it’s more likely that you will have the same symptoms as the previous weeks. It’s highly likely that you will suffer from sudden mood swings, since the hormonal levels are high, specially progesterone − the hormone responsible for making you feel sensitive and emotional.

Fetal development

It’s likely that you will suffer from constipation. If a woman was constipated, this is likely to worsen, since the intestinal transit gets slower.

Fetal development

During the 7th week of pregnancy, the following takes place: the development of the eye continues and you will see some dark spots where the eyes are. The nostrils and the primitive mouth are formed.

The development of the upper body carries on. The hand has begun to form and looks like a limb with no fingers and buds form, which will then become legs.

The umbilical cord is formed and at the end of the week the embryo is about 8 mm long.

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