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Last Update: 09/11/2018

About inviTRA

inviTRA is one of the world’s top online magazines about fertility. It was born as a tool to help people wishing to have a family and need to use a fertility treatment to fulfill this dream.

Our mission is to provide simple, yet rigorous, information about this medical process. To this end, we have thousands of medical articles that have been written and illustrated in order for patients to be able to comprehend them. Additionally, we have discussion forums with a high number of comments, questions, and answers by medical professionals that collaborate actively in our project.

Also, we have created a clinic directory that includes a complete analysis of each one of the fertility clinics offering fertility treatments. The goal is to connects patients with doctors and other professionals that participate in fertility treatment procedures.

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Project management

DCIP Consulting Solutions, S.L. (CIF B53853461) is the company that owns this project. They manage the project since its creation, along with a large team of embryologists, physicians, gynecologists, experts in assisted reproduction, biomedicine, genetics, pharmacy, lab procedures, molecular biology and biochemistry.

Get more info: inviTRA’s team.

Mission, goal & team

Our mission is to help and provide high-quality information to a readership that is not composed of specialists in the field of Reproductive Health, but they are more of an audience that turns to the Internet in order to find information when they have a fertility problem, have been diagnosed with a disease that can lead to infertility, want to delve deeper into the world of reproductive technologies, want more info about a particular medication, or have achieved pregnancy and want to learn more about the different stages of pregnancy.

From inviTRA, we aim to give our readers rigorous information about Assisted Reproduction, not only written in a plain as possible language in order for everyone to understand it, but also accompanied by graphic illustrations and animated videos that make it easier for everybody to understand each technique step by step.

Our editorial philosophy and policy as a company is to strive for excellence to ensure that all our publications meet our quality standards. The publications and contents that you can find at inviTRA have been written by accredited doctors or health professionals. So, in short, our team is composed of a team of specialists graduated from Spain’s best universities. In addition, some of the most well renowned Spanish doctors specializing in Reproductive Medicine are active contributors in our project, nurturing our magazine with their knowledge and boosting the editorial quality of it. The ultimate goal is that our readers find true, verified, and detailed information.

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Diversity & equality

We have implemented an equality policy because we believe in the right of inclusion for everybody, irrespective of his or her varied profiles, in the work environment and the society.

See this for more: Equality & Diversity Policy.

Technological infrastructure & safety

A project like this requires the participation of well-versed experts from multiple fields, including engineering, IT security, business management, law, translation, and graphic design that make it possible for this project to guarantee editorial quality and safety, both basic requirements for our specialists and doctors to publish articles. Furthermore, this technological infrastructure allows users to be able to interact with our specialists safely.

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Contributors & Sponsors

Currently, more than 80 companies (clinics, pharmaceutical companies, associations, etc.) associated with the field of Assisted Reproduction collaborate directly with our project and have placed their trust in us, which makes us a unique online project in the world.

Here’s the full list of companies that collaborate with us: Contributors & Sponsors.

Contact us

If you are a physician or medical expert and want to become a contributor of our project, you can do it now through well-documented articles that place a value on our magazine and are useful for our readership to learn more about a particular fertility issue or aspect related to pregnancy.

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