Advantages of embryoscope

The embryoscope is the last generation time lapse incubator that allows your embryo to be monitored at all times.

In a fertility treatment such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or ICSI, the egg’s fertilisation is carried out in the laboratory, so the culture of the embryos is necessary. The embryos are placed in a plate with the appropriate environment inside an incubator. The incubators reproduce the internal conditions of the uterus, the oxygen and carbon dioxide preassure and the temperature (98.6ºF) until the embryo transfer.


What really makes embryoscope to be revolutionary inside the assisterd reproduction fiel is that it incorporates a camera that automatically takes pictures every 15 minutes, so there is no need for the embryologist to take the embryo out to check on its quality and stage of development.


Thanks to the use of the embryoscope the embryologist can monitor the quality of the embryos because it may happen that some alterations occur during the embryos’ development. However, these alterations can be fixed whereas in the traditional system these alterations can be overlooked unless the embryologist takes the embryo in that precise moment to observe it under a microscope. Since everything is uploaded to a computer, the embryo development can be observed at any time.

Improving rates: thanks to the features of the embryoscope, the best quality embryos can be selected to proceed with the transfer. The culture conditions are more stable and, besides the embryonic cells division rates are a good indicator of the embryo quality. All these advantages mean an improving embryo implantation rate which leads to an increasing pregnancy rate.

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