Advantages of FSH

Medications containing recombinant FSH are prescribed for ovulation induction in assisted reproductive treatments.

The advantages of using this medicine for assisted reproduction cycles are as follows:

  • Development of multiple follicles. Since an ovum develops in each follicle, using medicines containing FSH will enable the development of a larger number of eggs, which in turn increases the chances for pregnancy.
  • It does not contain LH. Thus, possible side effects on follicle development derived from the administration of high doses of luteinising hormone disappear.
  • It does not contain urinary proteins. Thus, possible side effects derived from these proteins disappear, especially after several ovarian stimulation cycles.

Benefits of follicle-stimulating hormone

The administration of recombinant FSH, apart from the above mentioned effects, presents several advantages due to its high degree of purity:

  • Increased ovarian response
  • A lower dose is administered
  • Shorter length of the treatment
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