Advantages of GnRH antagonists

GnRH antagonists are used during ovulation induction among women undergoing fertility treatments. It is usually used for induction in specialised treatments such as in vitro fertilisation or ICSI.

These hormones are used in the woman’s days leading up to treatment, since they offer many benefits as you shall see below.

Thus, the advantages of using this medicine in assisted reproduction cyces are as follows:

  • It causes the immediate cancellation of LH serum levels, preventing thus premature ovulation.
  • There is a possibility of prescribing GnRH analogues to trigger ovulation.
  • It implies a shorter duration of the ovulation induction treatment.
  • It is usually well tolerated by women. It has few side effects, since the stimulation process is not very aggressive.
  • Benefits of GnRH antagonists

  • A lower dose of FSH is administered.
  • It decreases the frequency of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS): the likelihood of developing OHSS is approximately 2.4% after the administration of GnRH antagonists, while it rises to 5.9% after a long protocol of GnRH agonist administration due to the flare-up effect.
  • Woman’s recovery of the pituitary function occurs faster, which means it will not affect new stimulation treatments in future cycles.
  • It does not cause follicle cysts, since it prevents the flare-up effect which GnRH agonists would cause.
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