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Egg donation treatments are the main reason why international patients travel abroad with the sole purpose of creating a family. According to data published by the ESHRE, fertility treatments using donor eggs are mostly performed in Spain, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Russia.

Given these figures, we can state that bearing in mind the total percentage and unusual proportion of donor egg treatments, a great number of donor-egg IVF cycles are performed on foreign patients.

This is the reason why these countries are included within the main fertility tourism destinations. And the same applies in the case of the USA, where egg donation is allowed as well. Traditionally, these patients came from Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Arab countries, etc.

About us

inviTRA is an international project aimed at those who are in need of donor gametes to create a family. You can read us in four different languages: English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

We specialize in Internet Marketing and are the founders of Reproducción Asistida.ORG, leader magazine in the field of ART. We count on over 900,000 readers on a monthly average.

inviTRA’s project published in English and designed for an audience from the UK, USA, and Canada. published in French and designed for an audience from France, Morocco, Argelia, and Canada. published in Italian and designed for an audience from Italy. published in Spanish and designed for an audience from Spain, Equatorial Guinea, and Latin America.

Our commitment

Our goal is to help those patients who are in need of donor gametes to create a family but do not have access to these fertility treatments in their country.

What we do

We provide quality information about the many different egg and sperm donation programs and fertility clinics that can be found worldwide.

Why work with us

You will reach directly your target audience, achieving therefore international consultations. And best of all: we guarantee results.

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